About us - Arinsal Tecnologies


Our mission is to develop projects to achieve the full satisfaction of our clients. We develop projects of varying complexity, from small electronic circuits to complex embedded systems, adapting to the needs of our customers.


With the satisfaction of our clients, we want to gain their trust in the development of future projects and to be part of a network of professionals dedicated to the development of technology.


- Well-done projects and the satisfaction of our clients.
- Integrity, transparency and respect in our relations with customers and suppliers.
- Curiosity of new trends and technological challenges.
- Sustainable and proximity design.
- We do not develop military applications.

How do we work

This is how we work:

We sit with our client and we discuss and review specifications and possible options. At this stage the development time, the cost objectives, and the scope of the project are defined. We evaluate time and cost and present an offer for the project. Once the offer is accepted by the client, modifications on this specifications will be evaluated and quoted.

At this stage we develop the schematics, doing continuous revisions with the client. Once accepted and validated the layout stage will begin. To start with the schematics stage, we must receive a payment for the 20% of the project's cost.

At this stage we develop the layout. We commit the board dimensions and the placement prior to start the routing. To start with the layout phase, we must receive a payment of the 30% of the project's cost.

Start up
At this stage the start-up of prototypes is done. Test firmware will be developed to demostrate the coorect behavior of the board. To start with the start up phase, we must receive a payment of the 30% of the project's cost. To free all the documentacion of the project (schematics, layout, gerbers, BOM. FW source files, ...) we must receive the pending 20% of the project's cost.

When Arinsal Tecnologies is in charge of fabrication and mounting of PCB prototypes, we'll charge these costs in advanced.